Business Development Program 

For artists with disabilities who are enrolled in our programs, we provide a space where they can have the opportunity to have their own businesses to sell to the public. This way, they can earn extra income.

Arts and Crafts supplies will be provided to eligible members.

Mentorship Program 

Through our mentorship program, we seek to empower our clients’ mental, emotional, social, occupational, and financial not to mention spiritual well-being among the many other layers and dimensions of wellness, because we believe that these factors are essential in helping the person, become a well-rounded person. We provide one-on-one support to ensure that members will have strong coping skills necessary for their life transition should they choose to become fully independent.

Job Preparation and Leads

With assessment and case management, we will determine the right course of action toward attaining and keeping a job specific to what the client had in mind. They will be provided with job leads, resources, and other services as it becomes available in order to meet their occupational goals.

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