About Us

Who We Are

With twenty years of experience in the field of human services, in different sectors, particularly in the disability community, homeless and elderly population, we understand the struggles of every person with disabilities.

We know how challenging it is, to strive to be independent, to be employed, to feel empowered, to have a desire to contribute to the collective good, to find meaning and discover our life’s purpose in a world that is yet to fully acknowledge that there is beauty in our differences.

These difficulties, if not addressed well can cause many mental health disturbances ranging from depression; self-defeating thoughts, learned helplessness, feeling “trapped” to suicide. Not to mention higher probability of drug and alcohol problems.

We are a small group of advocates. We are here to help close the gap between disability, and independence, through empowerment, by recognizing their unique gifts and life circumstances and utilizing them in building a business for themselves.

We collaborate with artists, hobbyists, and other businesses to create a just and a more equitable society for all. We are here to prove that we can indeed celebrate our unique abilities in spite of our disabilities.